T-Jacket SS 15: kaleidoscopic patterns

20 April 2015

The variety of textiles opens to a world of tones, styles and weights that make the T-Jacket the perfect jacket for every period of the season: from linen to jersey up to the most varied expressions of denim with renew embossed fabrics and patchwork.

The T-Jacket distinctive traits: the eco-washed system and the unusual packaging

Tonello, for this season too, reserves a particular attention to te washing of materials, rigorously eco-washed with enzymes.

The T-Jacket also surprises for its packaging, the jacket is introduced and delivered inside a transparent cylinder, in fact is the jacket itself that creates the games of colours and textiles!
The cork in cardboard, that closes the unusual packaging of this collection, turns then him into a nice ‘hook’ ready for the use; it is from these details that it is easy to notice that development of the product and new collections but it is engaged in offering a new way to clients, more amazing and simple, to perceive fashion.

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