Five years ago T-Jacket was born. Season after season, the project has been developed, however, maintaining its original essence, its concept and its background resulting from the over 50 years of sartorial experience of the Tonello family.



The T-Jacket concept develops from the necessity and will to offer to a contemporary audience a garment that is easy and comfortable but refined, with a quality and playful attitude of the fabrics, an agendered style and destructured sartorial models. These are the elements that make up the construction of each T-Jacket collection.

In a globalized world like this, virtual and real multi-connections generate relationships between different cultures, creating a multicultural basin from which to draw and implement new creative ideas to be offered to an audience of advanced consumers and travelers. The result is a combination of design capable of telling new stories in different ways for global worlds.

Its synthesis is contained in the “Wear your Freedom” slogan.


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