#01 T-Jacket of the Month

1 April 2016

T-Jacket of the Month: «RED FISHING»

An amazing T-Jacket total-look with a single breasted jacket and shorts from Spring Summer 2016 Collection. View the details here

In the pics with «Light Powder» (in the middle) and «Small Squares» (on the right) T-Jackets.

“Funny” is the key concept for the entire summer collection of T-Jacket.
A colourful collection created for those who want informal jackets, that are young and easy in their very essence.

In this new summer collection, the concept that successfully characterised the last T-jacket editions, the easy and casual style, stays the same, but with important evolutions: three model variants and the introduction of trench coats, waistcoats, bermudas and shorts.

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