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Five years ago T-Jacket was born. Season after season, the project has developed, however, maintaining its original essence, its concept and its background resulting from over 50 years of sartorial experience of the Tonello family.

The T-jacket concept starts from the necessity and the will to offer to a contemporary audience a garment that is easy and comfortable, with refinement, quality and playful attitude of the fabrics, an agendered style and destructured sartorial models. Read more >

T-JACKET AW18.19 INSPO | #librarycheck

Warm tones of wooden library interiors and leather-bound books inspire this mood. Suiting, outerwear checks and plaids have a retro character in tonal brown and ocher hues, accented with vintage brights. >

T-JACKET AW18.19 INSPO | #industrialpattern

Industrial surfaces such as car tyres and paving inspire the textures. Heavier yarns create herringbone weaves, urban patchworks and dimensional jacquards, emphasized with utilitarian tones. >

T-JACKET AW18.19 INSPO | #nomadicluxury

Highly textured textiles reflects the diversity of wild nature, elevating dense woollens with a touch of tactile luxury. Influences from nomadic tribes are adapted into new handwoven qualities. >

T-JACKET AW18.19 INSPO | #tapestry

Ornate tapestry pattern inspires directional jacquard knits, bringing old concepts of luxury and elegance into everyday items. Densely textured weaves borrow motifs from ornate kilims, combining flat, fringed and velvety yarns. >