12 June 2017

In recent years, people are changing their way of dressing, looking for something new, unique and comfortable.

The Tonello brand – best known for its minimal, slim-fitting suits – anticipated this consumer demand by creating a lightweight, completely deconstructed jacket and calling it T-Jacket. This project has then become a collection, designed to support the desire for freedom, style and comfort, so that any T-Jacket, regardless of the fabric and pattern in which it is made, can be comfortably inserted into a colored bag that acts as an innovative packaging and can also be worn.

T-Jacket collections are dedicated to men and women. In every season the genderless style influence is always highlighted, which is why T-Jacket focuses on new generations, open and updated to fashion, for which this distinction is now overcome. And it’s not a question of age, but simply a matter of attitude.

The concept of the T-Jacket SS18 collection aims to go beyond the cultural boundaries, offering elements that describe the multiple stories and traditions of the globe. It wants to continue smoothing the gender distinctions by playing with fabrics. It intends to build cutting-edge connections between fashion and music, carrying on the “T-Jacket For Music” project. It aims to create ever new links between the brand identity and the free and personal style interpretations made by the consumer, helping to keep the T-Jacket Social Wall alive. But above all, it wants to continue giving to those who wear it, that ineffable pleasure of “feeling free”.

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